Culick Consulting & Coaching partners with foundations and nonprofits to build network, organization and leadership capacity.

Through intentional learning communities and networks of leaders, we create space to explore self, deepen leadership capacity and commitment, and discover the power of collective learning and action.

We design and facilitate networks to transform relationships, change systems, and achieve impact.

We work collaboratively with partners to deepen understanding of strengths and challenges, develop innovative solutions, and shape action plans that achieve impact. We facilitate the development of strategies and new ways of working that fit an organization’s culture, size and goals.

Our Connection to Story4

Liza Culick is a founding partner of Story4, a multimedia production studio whose creative team won a 2007 Emmy Award for New Approaches to News and Documentary Programming.  Story4 specializes in visual storytelling and short documentaries for nonprofit and foundation partners.

View examples of Story4′s short documentaries for nonprofits at Story4 portfolio.