We provide individual and team coaching for leaders, grounded in self-assessment and 360 processes to support reflection, learning, and leadership development.

A coaching relationship is a dynamic forum in which to chart and make change. It is a relationship based on trust, confidentiality, and a shared commitment to exploration and learning, with a focus on what’s most important to you. Working with a coach provides you professional support, a sounding board, a place to develop your professional capacity and performance, and accountability.

Consider coaching if you seek professional development, increased results, or want to make change happen (in work, in life) – and if you:

  • Want to develop your professional performance and capacity
  • Want to discover what you really want – and seek to create professional strategies for meaningful, effective work
  • Are asking yourself: Who do I want to be? Where am I going? How can I move purposefully in that direction?
  • Want to engage in a process of exploration, integration and action

How does coaching work? What is it like?

In the words of a coaching client:

“Coaching provided me with an opportunity to schedule time for reflection and problem solving with an experienced individual. This was much more than solving problems. It provided a way to think and process that can be applied to any situation. That, for me, is truly valuable.

“The coaching sessions are truly client-driven, which fostered accountability. I was accountable for what I brought to the session and what I took away. Liza provides a safe, professional, relaxed, environment where she skillfully and naturally facilitates meaningful discussion and offers insights and observations to guide me to the next question, step or conclusion. She provides encouraging feedback, and identifies strengths in situations I may pass over or minimize. She assists in breaking issues down into smaller components, and always brings the discussion back to whatever the primary focus was, pointing out how one item is, or can be, connected to another. She asks thought-provoking questions and then walks beside you as you work through them.”

- CEO of a Hawai’i-based human service organization